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A Better Way to Play the Game

A 'real world' approach to the game. Expertise that could save you thousands of dollars and precious time!

Player Placement Program

Get the advantage of the Swan Hockey network of teams and coaches. The focus of this program is simply trying to place the player on a team.

Less tryouts(if any) = more money saved, more time saved, more money and time for training/getting better at hockey. 


A better way to play the game!

Consulting/Advising Program

Inclusive of the Player Placement Program, the Consulting/Advising program will also feature consultation appointments to help guide the player/family through their journey. Taking a 'real world' approach makes some of the most confusing situations all of a sudden crystal clear.

A better way to play the game!

One Off Consultation

20 minute consultation. Want to ask questions about your specific situation or general hockey world questions? This is for you!

I have enjoyed working with Eric throughout my years of coaching. Eric works extremely hard for his players and doesn't oversell them. You know he is straight forward regarding his point of reference on players and I respect the back and forth dialogue regarding any player or situation. Eric's communication is excellent and transparent. I look forward to continue to working with Eric for many years moving forward....

Craig Doremus

General Manager/ Head Coach

Having known Eric for some time now, he has the ability and networking to open opportunities for players who desire to play junior and college hockey. A smart investment for players and families.

Marc Lafleur

Former Asst. Coach

I have coached at the Junior A or NCAA level the past 24 years and have developed a strong network in regards to recruiting. I value Eric Swanick as a valuable part of my recruiting network; Eric has a reliable eye for talent and works tirelessly for the players he represents. I trust Eric Swanick when building my team and look forward to working with him in the future.

Fred Harbinson

President/GM/Head Coach

To whom it may concern, In my dealing with Eric over the years he has been nothing but professional and knowledgable. I keep in close contact with Eric about players he may know of that fits the needs of Hawkesbury. I continue to go back to him because he doesn't push every player to your program. He takes the time to understand the needs and works with you to fill those with players within his portfolio. I would recommend his services to teams looking for players.

Rick Dorval

Asst. Coach(Former GM/Head Coach Hawksbury Hawks CCHL)

I’ve known Eric for 6 years and have enjoyed working with him in regards to player representation at both the tier3 and tier2 junior level. Eric is committed to his players and works tirelessly to find the “right” situation for both the player and teams he is working with. Eric understands that every career is different and their is not just one path that works for all. Eric invest the time to truly learn who his clients are as players but more importantly who they are as people. I recommend Eric to anyone that is looking for honest and hard working representation.

Cam Robichaud

Head Coach

Eric thanks for having one of the opinions the Omaha Lancers trust. Your knowledge has helped us step up our recruiting process.
Thanks Again,

Mike Picozzi


To whom it may concern, let this letter serve as a letter of recommendation for Eric Swanick. I have known Eric for several years, his professionalism has been greatly appreciated. Eric has a tremendous work ethic. Eric also assesses the needs of your team and player.

Dean Brockman

Former GM/Head Coach

Working with Eric has been great. He is great about communications; timely and considerate. When we talk about players, he is accurate and honest about what they have to offer. Eric has been a great help and someone I will continue to work with when looking for players.

Chris Hedlund

General Manager

Eric does a fantastic job. He is real easy to work with, very supportive of our organization and his players. He gets us really good guys that are ready to play. More importantly they are always great kids. Eric is one of the guys we trust the most in regards to player evaluations.

Bryan C.D. Erikson

Head Coach

To whom it may concern, I have known Eric for several years, his professionalism and honesty has been greatly appreciated. Eric has a tremendous passion and worth ethic for the game, and is always readily available. Of note, is Eric's concern for his clients and placing them in situation where success is probable. Servicing his clients' needs has served him well as he is a well- respected individual in the hockey industry.

Marty Abrams

GM/Head Coach

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